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Q: When will the new songbook be available?

A: They are ready now. They can be ordered through the distributor Publishing Designs. You can email them at this address.


Q: What is the price of the book?

A: The price range will be $11.95-$13.95 plus shipping and handling, depending on quantity ordered. 1-99 is $13.95 each, 100-299 is $12.95 each, 300+ is $11.95 each. Please send no money at this time.


Q: Will you have an audio CD available to purchase, in order for a song leader to learn unfamiliar songs?

A: Yes. The audio CD is available for purchase at Publishing Designs in Huntsville Alabama.


Q: How much does the CD cost?

A: $14.95 plus $1.50 shipping and handling. You can order this CD from Publishing Designs in Huntsville Alabama.


Q: How many songs will be in the book?

A: 946 songs.


Q: Do you have a simple song list? What songs are going to be in the book?

A: There is not a song list available at this time.


Q: Is it possible to receive a sample copy of the songbook?

A: The songbook will be available for purchace late May 2007.


Q: How is this book different than other books already available?

A: All songs in the hymnal are scriptural. The scriptural nature of the hymnal is the primary motivation in producing this hymnal.

Other features include

The type set in this book is large. The scoring in many of the songs is easily readable. The cover material and paper are high quality. The interior of the cover contains material to make it better suited for high humidity areas. The dates of birth and death of authors and composers are listed when known. There are five expanded indices in the book. Every word in the book with more than one syllable is hyphenated.


Q: What are the qualifications of the editor of the book?

A: W.D. Jeffcoat is eminently qualified for the task at hand. A gospel preacher himself, he is the son and grandson of gospel preachers. He has carefully edited the book that will be known for its scriptural content. His background is in Christian education and he has taught in a number of schools in the fields of Bible and church music. He is equally qualified from a music standpoint, having been privileged to study under such well known song writers and music teachers as Austin Taylor, Will W. Slater, Tillit S. Teddlie, and L.O. Sanderson, as well as with Professor Robert Tullos. Jeffcoat has studied church music history for many years and has led singing in gospel meetings and campaigns for over fifty-five years. He has spoken in brotherhood lectureships on music matters, and has written many articles for books and periodicals in church music. For over forty-five years he has taught singing schools and song director workshops. He has authored and/or composed over four hundred and eighty sacred songs, several of which are in brotherhood books, and some of which have been translated into foreign languages. Jeffcoat’s meticulous approach to Bible teaching and ample skills in matters concerning church music uniquely qualify him to compile and edit the truly great hymnal that Sacred Songs of the Church is expected to be!